Amoebas are tiny, single-cell creatures. To get their food:

  1. Find Food: They use their stretchy arms (called pseudopods) to explore and find small things like bacteria and algae to eat.
  2. Grab Food: When they find food, they wrap their arms around it and bring it inside their cell.
  3. Eat Food: Inside the amoeba, the food is put in a special “food bag” called a food vacuole. The amoeba then sends in chemicals to break the food down into tiny pieces.
  4. Use Food: The amoeba uses these tiny pieces for energy and to grow.
  5. Get Rid of Waste: Anything it can’t use as food, it pushes out of its cell.

So, amoebas basically wrap their food in their arms, digest it, use what they need, and throw away what they don’t.

Ishaan Luna Changed status to publish August 28, 2023